How to Deposit on Betting Sites from India

For many Indian punters, the challenge of depositing money in betting accounts is undeniable. This problem affects most gamblers because they don’t know the many different options available for funding their accounts. Moreover, most international betting websites don’t provide clear information on how Indian players should fund their betting accounts.

In this article, we aim to correct that. By the time you are done reading it, you will be familiar with more than one hassle-free method of depositing money into your betting account. The ultimate objective is to ensure that you never experience any difficulties when funding any betting account.

Need the ultimate depositing solution, then read on…

Every punter fancies a deposit and withdrawal method that is safe, fast, and reliable. Whenever you deposit to a particular betting site, you want the funds to reflect instantly. This allows you to bet on your favorite sports or games whenever you want and without any qualms.

That said, finding the most convenient way to deposit money in your betting account can be challenging. As much as there are numerous channels provided by the betting companies, you may not know which method will serve you best. Here is how to go about it;


After thorough research, we found that eWallets are the best depositing options for Indian bettors. How so? EWallets are incredibly reliable. You can always count on them. Also, they are immensely convenient for Indian players.

Unlike debit and credit cards, deposits and withdrawals made through EWallets are never declined. EWallets are also widely accepted by international betting sites. If you study the site that you bet on carefully, you will find a list of payment options accepted. And the chances are that several of them will be EWallets such as Neteller and Skrill.

How do EWallets work?

EWallets can best be described as online banks. You first deposit your money into an eWallet of your choice. And then transfer the funds to your select betting site. Before you do that, you need to ensure that the betting site recognizes and accepts money from your chosen eWallet. These are the likes of Neteller, EcoPayz, Skrill, and so on. It is standard practice for a betting site to indicate the eWallets that they accept for deposits.

Most popular eWallets in India


Neteller is one of the leading eWallets available for Indian players. Its service charges are friendlier compared to other eWallets such as EntroPay.

This eWallet is also widely accepted by respectable offshore betting sites. Besides the convenience, Neteller is an exceptional medium that is used for both deposits and withdrawals.

As an Indian player, you can fund your Neteller account in numerous ways. This includes the use of credit cards, bank transfers, checks, and so on. Once you fund your Neteller account, you can transfer funds to your betting account with the utmost ease.

Funding your Neteller account with bank transfers and Maestro cards is free. However, other methods may attract a fee of 0-5 per cent.

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Over the years, Skrill has grown to become one of the most popular eWallets among Indian bettors. Once you set up a Skrill account, you are guaranteed fast deposits to your betting account.

Setting up a Skrill account requires patience and good attention to detail. The best thing is that, once it’s up and running, you can make as many deposits as you like and conveniently. Apart from that, the fees charged by Skrill are much lower than what you’d get with EntroPay or Neteller.

If you intend to fund your Skrill account through a bank transfer, it is free of charge. A small fee is however charged for depositing with credit cards.

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Less popular eWallets


Click2Pay is an eWallet that has been gaining traction among Indian punters. It works outstandingly well. The only issue with this payment platform is that it is not accepted by most betting sites.


E-check is a unique payment platform that is used by Indian players to fund their betting accounts. It works the same way as bank transfer. Nonetheless, it isn’t as popular as other eWallets used in India. And most betting companies don’t have it as a deposit option.


EcoPayz is a respected international eWallet that is used by a section of gamblers in India. It is a secure deposit option that can be relied upon by punters. While using ecoPayz, you will notice that the waiting times are favourable.

Each transaction on ecoPayz attracts a small service charge. Unfortunately, ecoPayz is not accepted by most betting sites.

Why most Indians prefer eWallets


EWallets have proved to be the most reliable deposit options for Indian punters. Other options are prone to disappointments such as deposits getting declined. This is something that you’ll hardly experience with an eWallet. As soon as you successfully fund your eWallet, the transfer process is seamless.


For many reasons, betting is a private affair. And direct deposits don’t offer players the privacy they’d prefer. Such transactions reflect on bank statements, which can raise eyebrows in India. Depositing funds to betting sites through eWallets is more discrete. The transactions may still appear on your statement, but as deposits to eWallets and not to a betting site.


Whenever players win money, they don’t have to withdraw it and use it in the form of cash. They are free to shop and pay for shopping through the same eWallets.


Avid bettors aren’t restricted to one betting site. Players like to bet on a site with the best odds as well as bonuses. This means that they may bet through several different sites. EWallets such as Skrill are flexible enough to allow punters to fund their accounts on different sites. This means that players can always go for the best value in terms of odds and bonuses.

Prepaid Debit Cards

Debit cards are widely recognized and accepted payment options by a majority of international bookmakers. For Indian players who prefer the convenience of prepaid debit cards over EWallets, these are excellent options.

Nonetheless, you’ll be required to purchase a prepaid debit card of your choice and load it with money. Once that’s done, it is just like any other ordinary debit card.  You can use it to fund your betting account with the utmost ease. An Astropay card is a good example of a prepaid debit card that you can use.


Cryptocurrency isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. However, if you are familiar with bitcoin, then you’ll be happy to know that you can use it to bet in India.

Although not all betting sites accept Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, and Ripple, there is still a chance to find a betting platform that allows punters to use bitcoin.

Some of the betting sites that accept cryptocurrency include 1xBet and BetWinner.

This method is tremendously safe. You only need a code to transact. If you opt for bitcoin in your gambling endeavors, you are guaranteed a great deal of anonymity and versatility.

The downside is that it’s only a few betting platforms that accept bitcoin as a form of payment.

Credit and debit cards

Credit and debit cards may not be reliable deposit methods for Indian punters, but they are still a viable option. These are the likes of Visa Card and  MasterCard.

Just like in many parts of the world, these cards stand out as the fastest deposit mediums. All that is required is entering your card details, the amount to be deposited, and consent to deposit. As soon as that is done, the money is transferred to your betting account instantly.

Regrettably, the use of these cards to fund betting accounts is restricted in India. This makes them unreliable. You might fund your gambling account successfully today, then have a similar transaction declined the next day. Not unless you are depositing to an Indian casino, you are likely going to be disappointed.

Bank/wire transfers

A bank wire is a popular money transfer method that’s used all over the world. You can as well use it to deposit money in your betting account. The only problem is that you are required to surrender some information such as where you want to transfer the money to.

Bearing in mind that funding a gambling account in India is restricted, this is certainly not a good idea. It lacks the much- needed confidentiality and reliability.

Bank transfers are also known to attract significant service charges which aren’t ideal for gamblers. What’s more, is that a bank wire transfer process may delay up to a fortnight. This is extremely inconvenient for punters.

The BII Verdict

A few years ago, it was difficult for Indian players to deposit money in their offshore betting sites. Partly because the Indian law on betting has some restrictions. That has since changed with the rise of eWallets and other reliable deposit methods. Some betting sites have taken it a notch higher by allowing users to deposit INR in their betting accounts. When it comes to funding betting accounts, now Indians are spoilt for choice. With the listed deposit options above, there is something for every punter.

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