How to Deposit Money in Skrill in India [Betting in India Guide]

As an Indian punter, you have probably heard about Skrill. Formerly known as Moneybookers, Skrill is a renowned e-commerce money transfer service based in the United Kingdom. It is a safe e-wallet regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. It is also licensed in Europe, which makes it an internationally recognized e-wallet.

Skrill has over the years become popular among online gamblers. This can be attributed to the fact it is affordable, fast, and offers safe money transfer services to punters. If you are looking for ways of how to deposit on betting sites from India, then Skrill is one of the premier options.

Why use Skrill?

With the restrictions imposed by the Indian law on the transfer of money to gambling operators, there are limited ways for bettors to fund their online gambling accounts. Using e-wallets is arguably the most reliable deposit option for Indian players. And Skrill being a reputable e-wallet, it is undoubtedly one of the best methods for you as a punter to fund your betting account.

Another reason why most people use Skrill is that it accepts over 30 currencies, including INR. And given the hassle and cost that comes with forex exchange, you are better off funding your gambling account directly in your local currency.

Indian bettors bet on offshore online betting sites. Most of these platforms are in Europe and the UK. For this reason, you have to use a money transfer service that’s accepted by a majority of the gambling operators, and Skrill is widely accepted by reputable online betting sites across the globe.

When it comes to depositing money to an online betting site, you want to use a reliable, trustworthy, and safe platform. Skrill has been in this business for a significant amount of time. Besides that, it is duly licensed and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority in the UK. That said, it is a safe and secure payment option for Indian players.

Most importantly, Skrill has a reputation for processing deposits fast. This makes it an ideal payment option for Indian bettors.

It is also important to note that opening and operating a Skrill account is super easy.

How to deposit money in Skrill in India

Register a Skrill account

Creating a Skrill account is an easy process. In this section, we will walk you through the whole registration process. Here are the steps;

Launch your preferred browser and go to www.Skrill.Com

When the page loads, you’ll see the “sign up” button. Proceed by clicking on it. Also, you’ll have the opportunity to choose the language of your choice.

The next step is to choose your country of residence (which should be India in this case). Then proceed to enter all the relevant personal information. At this juncture, you’ll be required to fill in your official name, date of birth, address, and phone number.

Select the currency you’d like to use in your betting activities (that is the INR). Then, your email address, and a password of your choice.

Verification of your account will be the final step. You’ll need to upload your identification documents bearing your official name and your picture. This could be your national identity card or passport. Whichever identification document you choose to use should be certified by a notary public or the police.

Transfer money to your Skrill

Once your Skrill account is up and running, you can fund it. There are several funding options supported by this platform. Below is a list of the methods you can use;

A deposit via credit/debit cards

The cards accepted by Skrill in India include American Express, JCB, Diners Club, Visa, MasterCard, and others. You are required to key in the relevant card details such as the card number as well as its date of expiry. Then, click the “pay now” button.

As part of the process, Skrill will require you to indicate the reason for the deposit. You’ll be given two options. That is the “gambling” and “non-gambling” option. Don’t hesitate to choose the “gambling” option, as the “non- gambling” option will automatically lead Skrill to bar you from depositing funds to betting sites and online casinos.

Depositing money to your Skrill account with a debit or credit card is instant. Within a few minutes, the money will reflect on your account and you can move it to your betting account.

Direct bank transfer

Banks in India don’t support a direct remittance to Skrill. This has something to do with the government’s stand on depositing money into gambling accounts.


To deposit Bitcoin in your Skrill account, you ought to have a Bitcoin cash account. Under the deposit section on Skrill, you’ll find the Bitcoin cash deposit section. Key in the amount you’d like to deposit, followed by your email address. And then click “Next”. You will see a summary page with your deposit break down. Click on “Bitcoin & Bitcoin Cash” and a third party processing page will pop-up. Scan the QR code with your phone or tablet to complete the transaction.

However, the law regarding the use of virtual currency in India is complex and is not allowed by the Indian government. That said, it is better to stick to cash deposits. Moreover, only a few bookmakers accept Bitcoins.

Other e-wallet Solution


Another brilliant method to deposit money to your Skrill account is using Neteller. This method is appropriate when funding your Skrill account with other payment options becomes troublesome.

Open a Neteller account that you don’t intend to use for direct deposits to betting sites, fund it, and then transfer the funds into your Skrill account. After that, you can move the money to a betting site of your choice.

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What if these Skrill deposits don’t work for me?

If for some reason you can’t seem to have any success with Skrill, the best solution is to open a separate Neteller account. This is another widely accepted e-wallet. Deposit your money to the Neteller account, and then move it to your Skrill account. You will have bypassed the challenges that could have been hindering you from depositing money into your Skrill account.

Which Indian banks support Skrill?

Skrill is accepted by a majority of Indian banks, including;

  • Standard Chartered Bank
  • CITI Bank
  • Indian Bank
  • ICICI Bank
  • Kotak Mahindra Bank
  • HDFC Bank
  • IndusInd Bank
  • Axis Bank

Those using cards from the ICICI and Axis Bank may occasionally encounter some problems.

How much money can you keep in Skrill?

There is no limit to the number of funds that you can in a Skrill account at any given time.

Skrill Fees

Skrill transactions may attract a small fee. To upload funds, you may be charged a 1% fee. Withdrawal with Visa Card attracts a 7.5%. Sending money incurs a 1.45% fee.

However, to receive money is free and currency exchange is charged at 3.99%.

The BII Final Verdict On Skrill As A Depositing Method To Betting Sites

Skrill has been popular among punters across the world. Given that it is accepted by most popular betting sites in India, it is an ideal payment option for Indian gamblers. However, it is always wise to check it out yourself to determine whether it is the right fit for your betting endeavours.