Hyderabad Race Club [Betting In India Guide]

The Hyderabad Race Club is one of the most revered racecourses in India. It is located in Hyderabad, a city that’s found in southeast India. This city sits in the middle of the Telangana state. Hyderabad is the capital city of Telangana and the state of Andhra Pradesh.


During the colonial era, Hyderabad was a majestic town under the leadership of the Nizams. As a high caliber city, horse races were common. The races are said to have begun back in the 1870s. The modern Hyderabad racecourse was, however, not built until the 20th century. Back then, jockeys used the Moula Ali Racecourse which was adjacent to the city.

The Nizam, who at the helm of the city’s leadership at the time was tremendously passionate about horses. He had built stables at all his palaces. His palace at Malakpet had a racecourse, which is still in pristine condition today.

In 1886, the Nizam requested that the horse race be moved from Moula Ali to Malakpet.   He went ahead to sponsor that year’s Nizam Cup, which is still held today. During this era, the races were organized by the Royal Calcutta Turf Club.

After India gained its independence in the 1950s, the Nizam sold the Hyderabad racecourse to a local club.

It became the Hyderabad Race Club. And by 1977, it had become an independent turf in India. As of today, the Hyderabad Race Club is autonomous. It makes its own decisions on the day to day running of affairs. It is also a respected member of the India Turf Authorities. It was also the pioneer of racecourse sponsorship deals. The club operates on a paid membership arrangement.

The Hyderabad Race Club has over 480 stables with an extra 98 temporary stables. It also has an efficient computer-run betting facility. Its terminals are built to handle the harsh Indian climatic conditions. The betting system may have been commissioned in 1988 but it still works well.

There have been some modern upgrades to ensure that it remains to be a world-class betting facility. More than 5 clubs have adopted Hyderabad Race Club betting systems.

The club now has a swimming pool, a training track, and state of the art equipment. It has evolved a great deal and is now considered as one of the best modern racecourses in India.

Hyderabad Race Club major races

Deccan Derby

The Deccan Derby is a popular Thoroughbred horse race derby that is held annually in the Indian city of Hyderabad.  This race takes place at the Hyderabad Race Club. It is graced by well-groomed 3-year-old horses. And it is usually held on 2nd October. It’s also important to note that it doesn’t matter which day this date falls on, the race has to go on.

President of India Gold Cup

This race was introduced after the Hyderabad Race Club was moved to Malakpet. It started with a one-mile run that happened after the Nizam Gold Cup. As of today, it is a 2400 meter race.

Nizam’s Gold Cup

The Nizam Gold Cup is the highlight of the Monsoon season. It was introduced in the 18th century, and it is still recognized today.  The distance covered in this race is 2000 meters.

The other notable races include the Fillies Championship Stakes, which is a respected race that attracts hundreds of jockeys and horses.

Also, there is the famed Colts Championship Stakes. This is a 1600 meter GR.3 race that is held at the Hyderabad Race Club.

Hyderabad Race Club Seasons


The winter horse race season starts in mid-November and ends in March. This season has a maximum of 28 race days.

The races mostly take place during the weekend.  There are at least 6-8 races scheduled for each race day.


The summer season starts mid-July and runs through to the 1st week of November. Before the winter track was introduced in 1976, there was only the summer season.

The Hyderabad Tracks

The Hyderabad Race Club has two tracks that are used separately. One is for the  Monsoon season, while the other one is used during winter. Below are the two main race tracks at the Hyderabad Race Club;

The Monsoon Race Track

The Monsoon race track is used during the scanty winter and heavy rains that mark the Monsoon season. Itis characterized by a sand surface. This is between July and October. The track is 22.90 meters wide and stretches to about 2250 meters in length.

The Winter Race Track

This race track is 22.4 meters wide and 2150 meters long. It has a tan barked surface that is ideal for the winter season. This season falls between November and March.

Is it legal to bet at the Hyderabad Race Club?

Betting on games of chance in India is forbidden. This comes with numerous exceptions, such as state-run lotteries. There are also some recognized and fully licensed casinos at Sikkim, Daman, and Goa. And most importantly, horse racing. According to Indian law, horse racing isn’t a game of chance. The supreme court of India ruled in favour of horse race betting. In the verdict, the court acknowledged that horse racing wasn’t a game of chance. A significant degree of knowledge and skill was deemed to be necessary for this sport.

The court allowed all Turf clubs to also serve as horse race betting centres. For this reason, the Hyderabad Race Club has put in place facilities to support legal betting. Apart from the on-site sites, there is also a bunch of off-site counters spread out in the country. These counters are managed and owned by Hyderabad.

Which are some of the sites to bet on Hyderabad races?

The internet gambling laws in India don’t outrightly condemn or allow online horse race betting. Some gaps allow Indian players to bet on horse races online. That said, you can bet on Hyderabad horse races on some of the best horse racing betting sites in India such as Bet365, Betway, Bodog and Spin Sports.

The BII Final Verdict

The Hyderabad Race Club may not be the oldest or the largest racecourse in India, but it is a reputable club that continues to draw out hundreds of jockeys and horses for the ultimate challenge throughout the year.

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